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Ministry of Rural Development
Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS) under which Central assistance is given towards pension @ Rs. 200/- per month to persons above 60 years and @ Rs. 500/- per month to persons above 80 years belonging to a household below poverty line, which is meant to be supplemented by at least an equal contribution by the States.
Details available on http://www.nsap.nic.in/Annapurna

On 1st April, 2000 the Scheme was launched with the aim to provide food security to meet the requirement of those senior citizens who, though eligible, have remained uncovered under the NOAPS. Under the Annapurna Scheme 10 kgs of food grains per month are provided free of cost to the beneficiary. In view of the Supreme Court order stating “that no scheme including Annapurna shall be discontinue or restricted in any way without prior approval of the Court, all the beneficiaries of Annapurna will for the present remain excluded from the preview of IGNOAPS and they will continue to get the benefit under Annapurna till the orders of the Court are modified. For more information logon to http://rural.nic.in/sites/downloads/programmes-schemes/NSAP%20Faq.doc

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